First things first… Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

Nea here and I would like to tell you about my marriage…

I met my husband 12 years ago and we have been together for 10. To be honest, I don’t remember what year we got officially married. Ok, I do, 2015, Sophia was born in 2016. He’s my best friend, my business partner, my biggest fan and cheerleader. He believes in me and I would not be this successful without his unconditional love and support. He puts up with me, this guy is a hero! I fall in love with him a little more everyday as I watch him being the best and most caring dad to Sophia.

We planned and postponed our wedding twice, then just said “heck, let’s have a baby!”. We already had a house, might as well do everything backwards!

One regret I have is postponing our big wedding and just going to the court house. Especially for me, who loves to entertain and host, nowadays feels like I missed out! So no matter how stressed you get, don’t give up on your big celebration! You should celebrate your love for each other! I am still planning this extravagant party in my head, one day it will happen! If you feel stressed out just call me, or have a glass of wine, or both! Don’t let stress get the best of you!

My team and I would love to help you make your happiest day a success!

Firstly, reach out so we can check on availability. On most weekends we only book one wedding per day. There’s a few days we might have two weddings, if they are modest in size. Email us at to check if your date is open.

Then let’s schedule a tasting. On top of indulging in treats we will talk about the vibe you are going for and how you would like your guests, and you two, to feel that day! A formal affair? Cupcakes are probably not your best option. Cake can be as formal or as informal as you would like! You guys prefer cheesecake? Pie? We got you! Rest assured we will use the best and freshest ingredients and all your guests will agree and rave about your treats! The tasting is for us to get to know each other and figure out if we are a good match. No pressure to pick final flavors or sign a contract that day. Contact us at to schedule a tasting.

You will hear back from us with a quote. Based on our meeting we will send you a couple of suggestions. Take a look at it, ask all the questions.

Let’s sign a contract. Yay! We are in this together! Let’s rock this party and amaze everyone with great dessert!

Your investment:

$125 tasting fee – Then once you book with us you get $50 off your bill. The tasting is for two people. Your professional wedding planner attends complimentary. Two extra guests allowed for an extra $25/each, non-refundable. The tasting fee is non-refundable in case a contract is not signed and you decide to go with a different shop.


The minimum order for 2022 is $1200. A $600 non-refundable, but transferable, retainer is required to save your spot. Please email us at to check on availability.

Although beautiful, we will not cater to events held in open
pavilions or barns that are not air conditioned.

2022 Desserts start at:

Cake $5.50 per serving

Cupcakes $42 per dozen

Dessert bar $8.50 per guest

Macarons $2.25/each for orders over 200 pieces.

$125 Delivery and set-up fee for locations within 10 miles from the Studio. We deliver outside of that area, however your delivery fee will be based on miles to the destination. Miles starts at $1.79 and vary depending on current gas prices. This fee includes all stands/plates needed to display your desserts.

Payments are made as follows: 50% non-refundable, transferable* retainer, upon contract signing. 50%(+) adjusted to accommodate modifications/extra servings fourteen days prior to the wedding.

*COVID-19-related rescheduling is possible and we will transfer your retainer to a later available date.

To keep in mind:
We do have an exclusivity clause in our contract that prevents us from catering to weddings where we are not the sole provider of treats. Exceptions are made only to licensed kitchens that cater things we don’t offer, like gelato or donuts, for example.