Can I walk in and get a cake?

Yes! On most days we are open we have extra cakes in our cake case. However, if it’s a very special event, and you must have one of our cakes, ordering ahead not only guarantees you get a cake, but you also get to customize your flavors!

Are all your cakes tall?

No. We have currently started offering what we lovingly call “shorty” cakes. Same amazing cake, more manageable to slice.

Do you guys make cupcakes?

Yes, however we now only make cupcakes for large events. We are no longer accepting small cupcake orders. We have a 10 dozen minimum on those.

Do you have a menu for cakes?

Yes! We have a small cake menu of our most popular flavor combinations. You can click here to view the menu. We will always work with you to customize your cake just the way you want it!

What are your most popular flavor combinations?

Top 3: Strawberry Lemon, Chocolate Oreo Confetti and Carrot! (Have you ever tried our carrot cake? It’s to die for!)

Can I freeze one of your cakes? What about leftovers?

Absolutely! As long as you didn’t order a cake with fresh fruit in it, our cakes are very freezable! Stick the box it comes in straight into the freezer. Let us know you intend freezing it and we can chat with you about it!. Fresh fruit cake leftovers are best if kept in the fridge in an airtight container and enjoyed within 3 days. Full buttercream cakes can sit on the counter in an airtight container for up to 3 days, more than that, freeze that baby, single slices wrapped in cling film work perfectly.

I bought a cake and the buttercream was hard. Help!

Our buttercream is a Swiss meringue buttercream. Unlike American buttercream, the powdered sugar type, it’s butter and egg based. There’s six pounds of butter in our buttercream batch. A stick of butter is not really that delicious cold. Same with our cakes. Please allow your cake to come to room temperature before enjoying. From the fridge, we recommend 3 hours for cakes with fresh fruit in it; and 5-6 hours for full buttercream cakes.

How do I cut one of your cakes?

Here’s a little tutorial 🙂

I’d like a Minnie Mouse cake, or a My Little Pony cake. Do you do that?

No, sorry. Those are trademarked characters and while big chain stores are allowed to reproduce them, we are not. We can make you the most delicious cake ever, and the outside can be inspired by your favorite character, but we don’t put said characters on the cakes. Our clients normally shop Etsy for cool toppers or place small toys atop our cakes. Our cakes are very simple in design, we focus on flavor and quality.

Can you do a fondant cake?

Not at this time. We only use minimal amounts of fondant for plaques and don’t do fondant covered cakes. It’s just not our thing. We also don’t offer sculpted cakes. We will stick to our thing for now, and that is great buttercream cakes.

Do you make gluten free/sugar free/vegan cakes?

We do not make any gluten free, sugar free, or vegan cakes at this time. We have some items in the shop that are gluten free and those are our macarons, brownies, blondies, and brigaderios.

How do I order?

If you are looking to order a cake, it is best to e-mail us at info@whiskandarrow.com and the office girls will follow up with you. If you are looking to get some items during the days we are open you may stop by our drive thru, and order at the window, or you can order ahead on our website, and pick-up or delivery!


Can I freeze macarons?

Yes, please! They love that! That’s actually where they live at the shop! Macaron making for us is a three day process, and after every step they go rest in the freezer. When you take some home from the shop place in the fridge overnight if you plan on eating them within a couple of days, otherwise air-tight container in the freezer and you will have fresh macarons for months. They only really need thirty minutes out of the freezer to come to an enjoyable temperature. Never leave them on the counter overnight, they go stale fast!

How often do you make macarons? Are they fresh?

Every single week! They are as fresh as you can get them! That’s why they are so tasty! We make anywhere from 10 to 16 flavors weekly and most batches don’t make it to the next week. Do you have a flavor suggestion? Email or call us! We would love to hear it!

Do you use food coloring? And artificial flavorings?

We use minimal amounts of food coloring in some shells. The fillings, either a ganache or a Swiss meringue buttercream, are always naturally flavored! Everything, really, here is naturally flavored.

What are macarons made out of?

At our shop they are made of egg whites, powdered cane sugar, granulated cane sugar and almond flour. They are naturally gluten free.